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Professions in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

The need for qualified individuals in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security has never been greater. These professions continue to grow at among the fastest rates throughout the nation when compared to other careers. As long as there is crime and terrorism in this world, the individuals who serve in these valuable professions will be needed because they are responsible for the safety and security of our citizens and our way of life. Positions in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security are among the most secure and lucrative of government jobs and are highly rewarding personally, given their significance. With technology continually evolving, you can count on positions in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security to change constantly in order to keep up with emerging threats. Given the rapidly changing environment of these areas of study, a degree is often crucial for an applicant to have a chance to stand out among the competition. Do not miss your opportunity to get into one of these valuable and rewarding professions!

UMT Degrees in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security

UMT offers degrees at the Associate's, Bachelor's, and Master's levels in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security. UMT's courses are at the cutting edge of what is available in the Criminal Justice and Homeland Security disciplines and include law enforcement tactics, criminal law, criminology, emergency management, anti-terrorism, emergency response and recovery, threat mitigation, physical security, aviation and maritime security, bioterrorism, weapons of mass destruction, international relations and law, criminal investigations, and forensics. Learn more here.

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