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All UMT undergraduate degree programs require general education credits (15 for for an Associates degree, and 30 for a Bachelors degree).

All undergraduate programs require certain specific general education credits in addition to general education electives. Generally; ENGL 101, COMM 110, MATH 105, HUM 100, and PSY 100 or SOC 100 are required.

All currently available general education courses are listed here without regard to specific degree programs. When a program specifies general education electives, any of these courses can be taken to fulfill the elective requirements as long as they have not been transferred or already taken.

CJ 120   Introduction to Criminal Justice Ethics
CJ 130   Criminology
COMM 100   Business Communication
COMM 101   Technical Writing
COMM 110   Public Speaking
ECON 125   Economics for Managers
ECON 160   International Economics
ENGL 101   English Composition
GOV 100   U.S. Government and Politics I
GOV 101   U.S. Government and Politics II
HIST 100   World Civilizations I
HIST 101   World Civilizations II
HUM 100   Humanities I
HUM 101   Humanities II
MATH 100   Business Mathematics
MATH 105   College Algebra
MATH 106   College Trigonometry
MATH 110   Finite Mathematics and Calculus I
MATH 111   Finite Mathematics and Calculus II
MATH 200   Business Mathematics
MGT 133   Organizational Communication
MGT 165   Introduction to International Relations
PHY 100   Physics I
PHY 101   Physics II
PSY 100   Psychology I
PSY 101   Psychology II
SOC 100   Sociology I
SOC 101   Sociology II
SOC 103   Business and Society
STAT 100   Basic Statistics

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