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ARLINGTON, Virginia, December 30, 2010

In January of 2010, UMT chartered the Kappa of Virginia Chapter of the prestigious Delta Epsilon Tau International Honor Society, a vehicle for recognizing superior student achievement. UMT identifies the top 15% of graduates and invites them to apply to Delta Epsilon Tau for membership. To date, over 40 outstanding UMT graduates have been inducted as DET members.
Birdsong, Mary
Blankenship, Jeffrey
Brainerd, Ronald
Brown, Antoine
Chan, Man Kai
Crowden, Bryan
Daily, Brian
Dunphy, Paul
Ervin, Scott
Franklin, Todd
Gooding, Emmanuel
Heddleson, Robert
Hughes, Kelly
Ip, Chun Kit Jackson
Jaramillo, Antonio
Johnson, DJ
Jones, Betty
Knapp, Tracy
Krawczel, Timothy
Kuen, Ma
Lee, Kin Wang Bosco
Lok, Tsz Hin
Marshall, Susana
Mayo, Anthony
Mazur, Joe
Michael Standifer Sr.
Morris, Chester
Parker, Robert
Patterson, Robert
Paulette, Robert
Poon, Man Chi
Posey, Marshall
Ramaswamy, Rajeswari
Riley, Timothy
Roche, Esteban
Smith, Robert
Steele, Scott
Stenger, Robert
Vega, David
Warnick, Gregory
Weekes, Bonita
West, David
Yuen, Lee Chung

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