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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program at UMT is a practice-oriented, professional doctoral program intended for scholars, executives, and senior managers who want to expand their knowledge, skills, and abilities to the fullest extent possible. A combination of analytical, practical, and research-based approaches is used to equip graduates with an understanding of management thought and practices, as well as a theoretical, philosophical, and real-world understanding of business administration principles and practices.

Course content reflects current business practices in best-of-class organizations. Courses balance nurturing an appreciation of the role of theory in effective management with practical, how-to insights.

While the emphasis of the program is directed toward managing in a technology-driven world, management basics that apply to all business organizations are covered. The program addresses the ethical and legal foundation for the student's behavior in commercial, nonprofit, and government settings. It imbues the student with in-depth knowledge of managing organizations, programs, and projects. It describes how effective managers lead, how they make decisions, how they motivate.

Consistent with accreditation guidelines, the curriculum includes courses on ethical and global issues, the influence of political, social, legal and regulatory, environmental and technological issues, and the impact of demographic diversity on organizations. In addition, the curriculum includes foundation knowledge for business in behavioral science, economics, and mathematics and statistics, as well as emphasizing written and oral communication.

The DBA program requires the student to complete a minimum of 60 semester credit hours at the doctoral level. Transfer credits are not granted toward the fulfillment of DBA requirements. Applicants to the DBA program must have earned a Master's Degree at an appropriately accredited institution of higher learning or a minimum of 30 relevant graduate-level credits prior to formal admission to the program.

Click here for additional requirements for doctoral study in project management. This academic program is accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC). Click here for the PMI annual student achievement report for this and other UMT academic programs accredited by the GAC.

DBA Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to:
  • Adapt the scientific method to studying management problems they encounter
  • Have a thorough understanding of the evolution of management thought
  • Employ the highest level of analytical thinking to identify, study, and solve problems
  • Master the key research techniques, including:
    • Survey research
    • Data gathering through interviews
    • Data gathering through the use of unobtrusive measures
    • Establishing and testing hypotheses
    • Statistical analysis of data
  • Design and construct a major, publishable research project (their doctoral dissertation)
  • Demonstrate that they can defend the original ideas they develop and the analyses they carry out (the dissertation defense)
  • Adapt critical thinking to review the management, economic, political, technological, and social issues that societies must handle today
DBA Core Courses
ECON 800 Economic and Financial Theory
MGT 700 Analytical Techniques in Research
MGT 705 Philosophical Foundations of Knowledge & Research
MGT 710 Evolution of Management Thought
MGT 720 Management as a Behavioral Science
MGT 805 Business-Government Relations
MGT 839 Leadership and Ethics
MGT 870 Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship
MGT 998 Special Topics in Research
MGT 999 Dissertation Research
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