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Tuition & Fees
Tuition per credit hour $ 390
Tuition per credit hour for Students Receiving one of the UMT Scholarships $ 250
Tuition per credit hour for International Students with F-1 or J-1 visa $ 780
Application Fee* $ 30
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee $ 30
Semester Registration Fee* $ 30
Late Registration Fee* (applies on and after the first day of a semester start) $ 40
Re-admissions Fee* $ 30
Change-of-Program Fee* $ 30
Change-of-Schedule Fee* $ 30
Continuing Enrollment Fee $ 30
Returned Check Fee $ 30
Transcript Fee $ 10
Graduation Processing Fee $ 50
Commencement Fee $ 75
Replacement Diploma Fee $ 75
Inter-School Processing Fee $ 75
International Student I-20 or DS-2019 Processing Fee $ 250

* Fee is waived for students receiving one of the UMT Scholarships.
For additional DBA Fees: Please refer to the DBA section of the University Catalog.
Tuition Refund Policy
UMT reserves the right to terminate student enrollments if students do not meet the academic and financial standards.

A student may request Enrollment Agreement Cancellation or Course Withdrawal in any manner, but to ensure timely processing, the university strongly recommends email, fax, or mail. The refund is calculated based on the postmarked date that a student's request is mailed or the date that the electronic request is received by UMT.

Enrollment Agreement Cancellation: Students have seven calendar days after signing an enrollment agreement to cancel enrollment and receive a full refund of all monies paid to the university. A student requesting cancellation more than seven calendar days after signing an enrollment agreement, but prior to beginning a course in the program, is also entitled to a refund of all monies paid to the university minus any fees paid up to $75. Canceling an enrollment agreement after starting one or more courses automatically causes a course withdrawal of all unfinished courses.

Course Withdrawal: UMT refunds the proportion of the tuition paid after beginning a course, according to the following schedule:
Percentage of Tuition Returned to the Student
Minus the Application and/or Registration Fee

1st week 80%
2nd week 70%
3rd week 60%
4th week 50%
5th week 40%
6th week 30%
7th week 20%
8th week 10%
9th week 0%
When a third party is paying the student's tuition, any refund is made to the third party, not to the student.

Refund Payment: Refund payment will be made within 30 days from the cancellation date.

For Students Using FSA: Please refer to the UMT FSA Handbook for leave of absence, withdrawal, return of title IV funds and post-withdrawal disbursement policies.

Tuition Refund Examples
A student withdraws from a course on day 5. The student is entitled to a 100% refund of the tuition paid. In this situation, the following calculation would apply:
$1170 (tuition for one three-credit course)
-1170 (the refund amount, which is 100% of the course tuition)
$0 (student's responsibility to pay to the University)
A student withdraws from a course on day 38. The student is entitled to a 40% refund of the tuition paid. In this situation, the following calculation would apply:
$1170 (tuition for one three-credit course)
  -468 (the refund amount, which is 40% of the course tuition)
$702 (student's responsibility to pay to the University)

Federal Student Aid
UMT has been approved by the U.S. Department of Education to provide Federal Student Aid (FSA, Title IV) to qualified students to finance their education. Applicants should complete the current year's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) with UMT's school code (041103) if interested.

FSA students are required to enroll in courses on a term basis. The dates of the terms can be found in the Academic Calendar section of the University Catalog. Processing for each term opens 6-weeks prior to the term start.

The estimated costs and policies governing the FSA program are described in the UMT FSA Handbook which is available here. The Net Price Calculator can also be found here.

Financial Assistance
UMT offers a top quality education for as little as half the tuition of many similar programs. We believe these low tuition expenses are themselves a financial incentive for the hard working professional. Beyond our low tuition, UMT also offers a number of tuition incentives and savings in order to assist our students in funding their education.
Teaching & Research Assistantships
UMT offers a limited number of teaching and research assistantships to students. Contact UMT for more information about eligibility and requirements.
UMT Scholarships
The UMT Scholarship Programs reduce the credit-hour cost and waive most fees (e.g., Semester Registration, Change of Program, etc.). For more information, look here or in the University Catalog.
UMT Textbook Loan Program
UMT offers a Book Loan Program to qualified students who wish to borrow books from UMT at no cost, as long as the student is not receiving additional government funding that covers the cost of books. The books must be returned at the student's expense. Not all students qualify, see the University Catalog for details.
GI Bill®
Honorably discharged veterans and active duty personnel may use their GI Bill® benefits. Before committing to enrollment, applicants and existing students must establish their eligibility with the Veteran's Administration. Always consult the VA before taking any action that involves your valuable VA benefits! Once enrolled, UMT's VA Certifying Official will certify enrollment with the VA. For more information, see the VA web site at

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. Government web site at
Additional Veterans' Benefits
Some students may be entitled to educational benefits as active duty personnel, veterans, or widows or children of deceased or totally disabled veterans. UMT's administrative office processes certification of enrollment and attendance for the Veterans Administration so that eligible persons will receive educational allowances.
PMIEF Scholarship and PMIEF-UMT Scholarship
Students may apply for scholarships from the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF). They may apply directly for a PMIEF scholarship, or PMIEF-UMT scholarship. These scholarships are available for students who would like to in study project management related degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral level. Any degree program that addresses project management knowledge, skills, and ability is eligible. For more details, please visit

International Student Financial Requirement
Please see: Financial Certificate

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